Publisert av: bromley90 | mai 29, 2008

Summer o8 – LDN, Riders on The Storm, The Feeling and Paris!

The summer is rushing into us in a hurry!

My midterm-exams are all done, and tomorrow, yes(!) Tomorrow, I’ve got my written International English Exam! This school-year’s first and last exam! But then it’ll all just be “chilli’n and grilli’n”.

18th June:

Last day at school; the summer can begin! =)

07th July:

Leaving from Vigra Airport at 18:45; I’ll be landing at Ldn Gatwick at 20:10, English time!

08th July:
On Tuesday 8th of July, I’m going to “The Forum – London” (nearby Hampstead Heath) to be a witness to something big…!
I’m talking about, Riders on The Storm [The Doors!] Featuring Raymond Daniel Manzarek Jr., and Robert Alan Krieger! :D…

17th July:

On Thursday 17th of July, I’m going to “Somerset House – London”, where I’ll be attending a concert by my beloved group The Feeling! J.

19th July:

Wedding at Dulwich Picture Gallery!
My cousin Kristin will be married to her fiancé Arthur

Other happenings in the time period 09th and 20th July:

Eurostar Express train from London to Paris, one day trip!

In Paris: Père-Lachaise; Jim Morrison’s grave!
Guided tour at The Emirates Stadium.

Thorpe Park (or something) with Chris and Nick Brown?

21th July:

Leaving from Ldn Gatwick at 21:00; I’ll be landing at Vigra Airport at 00:25, Norwegian time!

04th August:

Status Quo concert at a festival in Måløy.

Prost; Haakon! =)



  1. Wow. Missunneli. E ej virkli den einaste som e stuck her heile sommeren?:p

  2. heh.. Ej he i grunn tenkt lenge at ej sku kommentere:P Men ej he aldri hatt tia til å logge inn på min blogg å deretter kommentere her:P Men no e ej umotivert, så d blir noke kort å lite me sammenhengen å jer.

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