Publisert av: bromley90 | mai 7, 2008

Midterm exams, AaFK and Summer 08…

Well, as the second year at Aalesund Videregående Skole goes by in a hurry; my midterm’s also goes by. I’ve been through International English, Norwegian, Marketing, Society-economics and Mathematics; which means my only subject left is German on Wednesday next week… Stress!!

But enough about that… What else is happening in the town centre of Ålesund? Well, the whole county’s football team AaFK started the season marvellous whit a 4-2 victory against league champion Brann, and a 5-0 victory against HamKam. But then it all went wrong. They lost 2-1 against Bodø «up north» and 0-4 against my beloved Oslo team FC Lyn. But all in all they are looking stronger than ever! So good luck! 🙂

The summer 08! – Who, what, where?
Weather-forecast centre all over the world have looked into the Scandinavian weather for the summer of 2008, and to say it like this, tourists and inhabitants have a hot summer in front of them! “This will be the hottest summer in 150 years” promises the Norwegian newspaper “Dagbladet”.
So, I guess I have a good reason to stay in Norway this summer! – But I’m not staying in Ålesund the whole summer! Two weeks in South England is the plan… 1 wedding; several stadiums to visit; one MacBook PRO to buy; and last but not least; one day in Paris!

I’ll keep on giving you more updates as the time goes by.

Prost! Haakon-‘Sjakan’ 😉


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